Bevin Fletcher
Digital Editor

Bevin Fletcher is the Digital Editor of Bioscience Technology, where she oversees editorial content for the website and the Bioscience Technology Weekly e-newsletter. She also regularly contributes to Laboratory Equipment, as well as oversees the production of the digital supplement, LabOutlook. Bevin graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and was previously a reporter at The Deal.  She writes on a variety of topics in the life sciences world such as genomics, disease research, neurology and biotechnology, and interviews researchers and industry experts on their work.

Researchers have developed a new technique that, if successful in humans, could replace traditional bone grafts for mending nonhealing limb fractures.
When caught early, urinary tract infections are easy to treat. However, when left unchecked they can lead to complications such as kidney problems....
Robotics kits can be found in many classrooms across the country, giving kids an introduction to engineering and coding. However, fun and hands-on biology...
While environmental and inherited factors have well-known roles in cancer development, a new study provides evidence that a third, and until this point...
Ten years in the making, researchers have finally received funding to build a prototype of the world’s first total body positron emission tomography (PET)...