Gamma Radiation Shields for Microbiology


Lead acrylic shields provide protection from gamma emitting isotopes, such as 125I, 133Xe, 57Co, 99mTe, 123I and 67Ga   The 12 mm thick shields are equivalent to 0.5mm lead. The lead content of the resin is 30% wt/wt and is chemically introduced into the acrylic resin as an organo-lead salt. This material is transparent with a very light brown tint and it exhibits virtually all the normal chemical and physical properties of conventional acrylic resin. They are suitable for use in life science research where radioactive compounds are used in the detection of nucleic acids and proteins as well as in many other techniques such as radio-immunoassay and as tracers in metabolic studies. The shield blocks gamma emissions from 125I and any gamma emitters of lesser energy. ( But would not be suitable for use with more energetic isotopes of iodine )
The shields comprise a plate of lead acrylic 18' high by 12" wide with a base that holds the shield at a 15 degree angle.




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