5 Door Cleatech Desiccator, Five Door, Static-Dissipative PVC Transparent, 24W" x 24D" x 60H"

Cleatech manufactures complete line of Acrylic and ESD Safe PVC, ESD Safe Acrylic desiccator, dry cabinets and Nitrogen purge cabinets in all sizes and configurations. 
1500 Series Nitrogen purge desiccator cabinets with a heavy duty construction, airtight revolutionary door designs with one-piece gaskets, stainless steel door frame, full removable plenum chambers for uniform gas distribution and particle control is a perfect choice for your cleanroom and Laboratory storage needs.
Economical clear acrylic is ideal for general purpose processing. Amber is a ideal for UV protection,   Transparent Static-Dissipative PVC eliminates static charges keeping the dry box clean and it does not attract particles from the air. Clear Non-dissipative PVC is a good choice for operations with many corrosive chemicals.

URL: https://www.cleatech.com/product-category/desiccators-dry-boxes/desiccator-cabinets-1500/adjustable-shelf-storage-desiccator-box/five-door-desiccator/

Phone Number: 1-714-754-6668

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