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Spectrophotometer Measures Wavelength Range in 3 Seconds

The Jenway Genova Bio UV/visible spectrophotometer from Cole-Parmer has been designed for fast and easy use in life science applications.

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INDUSTRIAL-DUTY LIGHT TABLES - Model A-109P-LT Designed for Heavy-Duty or Long-Term Usage Frosted Glass area can be sized to match your specific needs (Multiples of 12" for width) Variety of Top Surfaces available, ranging from plastic-laminated to chemical-resistant solid surfaces Standard options include: Front shelf supports Cutting mat surface Sliding keyboard tray...

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UV-Vis Detector Suited for In-line Flor Chemistry

Uniqsis’ Flow-UV is a cost-effective in-line UV-Vis spectrophotometric detector for flow chemistry applications.

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Spectrometer Captures 3,000 Scans Per Second

The Ocean FX miniature spectrometer from Ocean Optics offers high-sensitivity CMOS detector performance.

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Spectrometer Can Handle Complex Background Matrices

IRsweep’s IRspectrometer is a tabletop frequency comb spectrometer.

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Benchtop XRD Suited for Academic Lab

Aeris, from PANalytical, is an X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) benchtop instrument that is easily accessible for everyone.

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Raman Spec Enables Simultaneous Measurements

The Thermo Scientific iXR Raman spectrometer uses optical interfacing to simultaneously provide a chemical fingerprint and material structure data.


Novel UV-visible Detector for In-line Flow Chemistry

Uniqsis Ltd has introduced Flow-UV, an in-line UV-Visible spectrophotometric detector for flow chemistry applications.

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Benchtop NMR Designed for Education

Ideally suited for education, Magritek offers a family of high-resolution, easy-to-use 43 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometers.


ICP-OES Analyzer Equipped with Powerful New Generator

The latest version of the SPECTRO's SPECTROBLUE inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) includes a powerful new generator.


System Ensures Trouble-free Sample Cleanup

The Microlute SPE sample preparation system from Porvair Sciences provides a fast, trouble-free alternative to cartridges for high productivity sample cleanup.

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SERS Substrates Work with Two Wavelengths

Ocean Optics’ RAM-SERS-SP Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy substrates use a proprietary gold-silver nanosponge alloy.

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Spectrometer Re-designed with Enhanced Features

The rapifleX MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer from Bruker was re-designed to meet high demands.

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Spectrofluorometer Offers High Sensitivity

The QuantaMaster 8000 spectrofluorometer from HORIBA Scientific offers high sensitivity with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 30,000:1 RMS for water Raman.

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Spectrophotometers Provide Simplified Water Analysis

MilliporeSigma’s new class of spectrophotometers offer simplified, durable and secure analysis of waste water, drinking water beverages and process water.

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