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Labware Low in Extractables

Plastic labware is used daily across almost every lab, but plastics need to be chosen carefully in order to manage risk and ensure sample safety.

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Bag Mixer

Bag mixers mash up solid samples with a stomach like repetitive squeezing action. The sample is held in a sterile bag fitted with a filter to separate the juice or inoculum from the solid debris. Different types of filter bags allow for pouring or extraction with a pipette depending on the project. There are three different sizes of bag mixer - nominally 100ml, 400ml and 3500ml. Features include...

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Microplate Products for Drug Discovery

Porvair Sciences offers a range of application-optimized microplates and high-performance microplate equipment.


Sample Prep Kit is Ready-to-use

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments’ nSMOL Antibody Bio-Analysis Kit is applicable to a variety of pharmaceutical antibodies.

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Containers Designed for Enhanced Sample Safety, Viability

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Sterilin quality-assured containers are aseptically manufactured under controlled, automated cleanroom conditions.

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Sample Prep Kit Can Extract DNA, RNA in Minutes

Cole-Parmer’s Arcis Sample Preparation System can extract DNA and RNA for downstream processes in just three minutes.

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Evaporative Sample Preparation for Mass Spectrometry

Genevac has established a new web page that brings together customer technical articles.

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Laboratory Bottles Optimized for Storage, Sample Collection

BrandTech's VITgrip laboratory bottles from VITLAB are built with an ergonomic slim waist to aid in handling.


Specialist Catalogue for Chromatography, Sample Preparation 

Porvair Sciences announces the first edition of an informative specialist catalogue for chromatography and sample preparation supplies and equipment.


Low-noise Sieve for Particle Size Distribution Analysis

FRITSCH’s high performance vibratory sieve shaker, the ANALYSETTE 3 PRO, offers everything needed for the rapid determination of quantitative particle size distribution.


Pipette Provides High Throughput Biological Sample Collection, Processing

INTEGRA's VIAFLO 96 multichannel electronic pipette has been adopted by Neoteryx LLC as an integral part of a new high throughput biological sample collection and processing system.

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Concentrator Range Gets Speed Upgrade

Genevac’s second-generation miVac centrifugal sample concentrator range features a sleek new look.

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Liquid Handlers Meet Evolving Workflow Priorities

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations are specifically designed to enable users to meet the ever-changing demands of life science research.

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Versatile Automatic Dry Down Station

Porvair Sciences has introduced a new version of its popular Ultravap Mistral automatic dry down station - the Mistral Ex.

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Thermal Cycler Can Run Two Protocols Simultaneously

PCRMax Alpha Cycler 2 thermal cyclers from Cole-Parmer deliver reproducible results every run with little to no training needed.

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