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Our Laboratory Exhaust Hoods Help to Keep Your Staff Safe 

Common Fume Hood Styles:


SB-MAX Laboratory Fume Hood (...

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Oxygen Depletion Monitor

The E3 Oxygen monitor provides continuous monitoring of the air in storage rooms and other confined spaces where there could be a suffocation hazard in the case of leakage from stored gases in liquid form such as  nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium. The instrument is wall mounted powered by 100 VAC. It includes  audible and visual alarm indications and relay contacts to trigger other alarm...

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Advanced Optical Cleaning Kit

An advanced optical cleaning kit was developed to help customers remove splatter and blow-back in the field.

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RDM LABORATORY FUME HOODS Our Laboratory Exhaust Hoods Help to Keep Your Staff Safe  Common Fume Hood Styles:   SB-MAX Laboratory Fume Hood (Bench Top Model) Airfoil Bypass... Multiple Features for Fine-Tuning Air Control Maximized Interior Work Space (Our Most Popular Fume Hood) SB-MAX-A Laboratory Fume Hood (Bench Top Add-Air Model) Airfoil Add Air......

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RDM STANDARD STEEL LABORATORY CABINET UNITS   Our Steel Lab Furniture is one of the Most Durable and Adaptive Features Include: Standard Steel Cabinets 16 gauge steel superstructure, aluminum pulls (other styles available), finished with baked-on, corrosion resistant, durable powder coat paint technology. Available in many Style Combinations......

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Storage Cabinet Holds Corrosive Chemicals

HEMCO’s Acid Storage Cabinet is specifically designed for the storage of corrosive chemicals and is available in 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48-inch widths.

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Coverall Suitable for Cleanrooms

The Kimtech Pure A8 Cleanroom Coverall from Kimberly-Clark Professional is designed to provide protection as well as comfort.


Workstation Runs Multiple Experiments with Individual Control

The Mya 4 Reaction Workstation from Radleys and Heidolph provides precise heating, active cooling, software control and data logging for 24/7 unattended chemistry.

LISTED UNDER: Fume Hoods/Workstations

PPE Combines Uncompromised Protection, Max Comfort

A new line of limited-use, protective apparel from Valumax International features custom-developed, proprietary materials and breathable nonwovens.

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Liquid Barrier Gown Provides Enhanced Protection

The Kimtech A7 Certified Liquid Barrier Gown from Kimberly-Clark Professional delivers stringent liquid barrier protection for scientists and operators and the environments in which they work.

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Laundry Cart Features Rugged, Lockable Cover to Protect Linens

The Poly-Trux(R) 72S bulk laundry cart from MODRoto features a rugged, lockable lid and door (optional) to protect linens from theft and from exposure to inclement weather.

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Air Showers Pack Big, Clean Punch in Small Footprint

Clean Air Products’ standard-profile, straight-through air showers (model CAP701KD-ST) feature new touchscreen controls.


Coverall Provides Liquid Splash Protection

The Kimtech Pure A6 Liquid Splash Protection Coverall with Hood from Kimberly-Clark Professional provides superior liquid barrier protection.


Workstation Provides ‘Personal Cleanroom’

Mystaire’s MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation provides an ultra-clean working environment and are available in standard widths of 32” and 48.”

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Vacuum Cleaner Prevents Re-Contamination

Terra’s MicroVac vacuum cleaner cleans up spills quickly and safely.

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Gamma Radiation Shields for Microbiology

Lead acrylic shields provide protection from gamma emitting isotopes, such as 125I, 133Xe, 57Co, 99mTe, 123I and 67Ga   The 12 mm thick shields are equivalent to 0.5mm lead. The lead content of the resin is 30% wt/wt and is chemically introduced into the acrylic resin as an organo-lead salt. This material is transparent with a very light brown tint and it exhibits virtually all the normal...

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