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Large-chamber SEM is Easy to Use

JEOL’s JSM-IT300HR high-resolution, large-chamber SEM delivers high-resolution performance with the simplicity of an entry-level microscope.

LISTED UNDER: SEM (Scanning Electron)

Imaging Software Makes Labs More Efficient

With the release of the imaging software ZEISS ZEN 2 core, users in laboratories are now even more efficient.

LISTED UNDER: 3-D Imaging | Image Processing | Imaging Tools and Development

Camera Includes Unique Imaging Capabilities

Sierra-Olympic’s Viento HD Lab LWIR camera provides true 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution.


V-Deck Ultra Stable Platform for Neuroscience Experiments

Prior Scientific announces V-Deck - an ultra-stable platform for neuroscience and electrophysiology that offers you the ability to quickly and precisely adjust sample height.


Generation of FIB-SEMs Include 3-D Analytics

ZEISS presents a new generation of focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes (FIB-SEMs) for high-end applications in research and industry.


Image Acquisition Software Offers Intuitive User Experience

QImaging has made significant updates with a key focus on being an effective solution that enables easy publication and documentation for researchers.


TEM Purpose Built for Cryo Applications

JEOL’s CryoARM is designed for unattended operation and high-throughput imaging of cryo-EM specimens.

LISTED UNDER: TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope)

Rotary Stage is Compact, Lightweight

IntelLiDrives released its compact direct drive rotary servo table ACR-32UT for laboratory and production applications.

LISTED UNDER: Imaging Systems | System | Accessories

Atomic Force Microscope is Simple to Operate

Hitachi’s atomic force microscope AFM5100N features ease of use, a wide range of capabilities, and excellent performance.

LISTED UNDER: Atomic Force

Digital Microscope Cameras Equipped With CMOS Sensor

ZEISS introduces two new digital microscope cameras; ZEISS Axiocam 702 mono and ZEISS Axiocam 512 color complement the current portfolio of high-speed USB 3.0 microscope cameras.

LISTED UNDER: Digital and High Resolution | Other Microscopes

Camera Captures Detail in Challenging Spaces

Vision Research’s Phantom Miro N-Series comes with a camera head measuring just 32 x 32 x 29 mm.


Stage Allows Two Live-cell Imaging Experiments Simultaneously

Prior Scientific’s motorized microscope stage, H139, was designed to enable life scientists to precisely position, move and image up to two microplates or nine microscope slides.


High Throughput Aspheric Lenses

Optical Surfaces Ltd. offers fabrication of high performance aspheric lenses up to 600mm diameter.

LISTED UNDER: Accessories

Microscope Focus Stand for Large, Irregularly Shaped Samples

The ProZ motorized focus stand from Prior Scientific is the ideal solution for viewing and imaging of samples that may be too large, or irregularly shaped, to be fitted onto a standard microscope frame.


Multi-Probe Micromanipulator for Acute In-Vivo Recording

The Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) System allows for independent positioning of five or more probe arms in the smallest space, with ample clear area for a virtual task environment.

LISTED UNDER: Micromanipulators | Micromanipulators


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