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Refractometer Features New Design

The PRM-TANKa Process Refractometer from Gardco features a new design of the detection unit.

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O2/CO Analyzer

Map-Pak Combi measures the Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide content in gas flushed packages. It can be used for a range of modified atmosphere applications, especially in the packaging of food and pharmaceutical products. This lightweight portable analyzer has a range of features, making it easier to use in quality control functions. Sample measurements and results are achieved within 10 seconds and the...

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Black Body Calibration Source

Accurate temperature measurements are essential if you need to meet standards, regulations or guidelines. Ensuring that your thermometers are reading accurately is an essential part of this process and using a reference calibration source can help you achieve this. We have a range of temperature calibration sources that allow you to verify the readings from probe or IR thermometers, providing you...

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Oxygen Depletion Monitor

The E3 Oxygen monitor provides continuous monitoring of the air in storage rooms and other confined spaces where there could be a suffocation hazard in the case of leakage from stored gases in liquid form such as  nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium. The instrument is wall mounted powered by 100 VAC. It includes  audible and visual alarm indications and relay contacts to trigger other alarm...

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High Precision Reference Thermometer

The High Precision Thermometer has been designed as high accuracy reference instrument for laboratories and a calibration standard for temperature systems. The superb accuracy of the instrument is verified to national standards. This reference thermometer uses a platinum film sensor with sophisticated linearising techniques for high accuracy temperature measurements in the range -30.00°C to +199....

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Meter Provides Both Digital, Visual Color Confirmation

The Lovibond EComparator 3000 Saybolt Color (for ASTM D 156, ASTM D 6045) provides an easy way for users to measure the color of aviation fuels, kerosene, naphthas, white mineral oils.

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Cable-free Sample Temperature Verification

Bel-Art – SP Scienceware’s cable-free Calibrated Electronic Verification Lollipop Stem Thermometers are compact, all-in-one units.

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Benzene Fixed Gas Detector

Mil-Ram Technology's VOC Fixed Gas Detector for Benzene utilizes advanced Photo-Ionization PID sensor technology.

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Waterproof Temperature Data Logger Connects with USB

The 2c\temp-USB multi-use data logger is a cost-effective solution for temperature monitoring.

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Thermometers Calibrate for Specific Applications

H-B FRIO-Temp Calibrated Electronic Verification Thermometers are specifically designed for freezers, refrigerators and incubators.

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Easy-to-use Polarimeter Conforms to FDA Regulations

Bellingham + Stanley’s ADP450 polarimeter with XPC technology features Xylem’s patented on-board Peltier temperature control system.

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Probe Provides Measurement Consistency

The Ocean Optics Diffuse Reflectance Probe (DR-Probe) measures 45° diffuse reflectance, enhancing UV-Vis and NIR spectroscopy results.


Titration Platform Designed to Expand in the Future

Metrohm’s OMNIS titration platform features a design that is anchored in a modular concept for the stress-free decision to purchase only what’s needed today.

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Wireless System for Remote Pressure Monitoring

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry’s Pressure Scout is an intrinsically safe wireless pressure sensor that supports pressure monitoring and alarm reporting.

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Potentiometer Input Module is Highly Accurate

Mantracourt’s DSCUSB-PT plug and play USB device was designed to convert resistance-based input into digital output.

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