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Balance Enclosure for Classroom Workstations

HEMCO’s SSE is designed to be placed on an island or peninsula for access on two sides.

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Enclosures for Lab Automation, Robotics

HEMCO’s enclosures are designed to isolate liquid handling workstations, HPLC equipment, sample weighing, high-throughput screening, powders handling and other lab automated processes.

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Cabinet Provides Point-of-use Convenience

Justrite’s new metal-free, durable, company counterop cabinet for corrosives can safely store up to two 4-liter bottles of acids or bases.


Laundry Cart Features Rugged, Lockable Cover to Protect Linens

The Poly-Trux(R) 72S bulk laundry cart from MODRoto features a rugged, lockable lid and door (optional) to protect linens from theft and from exposure to inclement weather.

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MS Bench Reduces Noise by 75 Percent 

IONBENCH’s movable MS bench is specifically designed to meet the needs of mass spectrometry users and laboratories.


Cables Ideal for Healthcare Applications

AFC Cable Systems announces MC Luminary HCF (UL type MC-PCS) Cables for healthcare facilities.

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Air Showers Include Touchscreen Interface

Clean Air Products air showers with new touchscreen interface easily controls cycle time.

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Compliable Cabinets Simplify Cleaning

Clean Air Products’ pass-thru cabinet features a new door gasket that facilitates cleaning and complies with USP 800 cleaning requirements.


Xenon Lamps Valuable in Numerous Fields, Applications

Bulb Direct Holding’s UXR-300BF Ceramic Xenon Lamp are highly efficient, pre-aligned, parabolic reflectorized lamps for use in numerous applications.

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Sterilization Cabinet Designed for Small Items

Maintain critical cleanliness standards with Terra’s new UV Sterilization Cabinet.


Plastic Carts Ergonomically Move Laundry, Linens

Plastic utility trucks in the 39 Series line from laundry product manufacturer MODRoto are offered with an optional, ergonomic, spring-loaded platform.


Gowning Benches Can Be Configured for Cleanroom Flow

Terra’s sectional benches for gowning rooms can be configured to fit your room and process flow.


Enclosure Ensures Fumes are Safely Vented

The EnviroMax Enclosure from Hemco is designed to isolate biotech instrumentation and processes by maintaining a negative pressure environment to ensure that process fumes are vented to the outside.

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Enclosures Provide Powder Weighing and Containment Technology

AirClean Systems PowderSafe Type B Enclosures provide a controlled negative pressure HEPA-filtered environment for professionals to work with and weigh powders.

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Cabinet Safely Stores Corrosive Materials

HEMCO’s Acid Storage Cabinet is suitable for the storage of corrosive chemicals and is available in 12 in., 18 in., 24 in., 30 in., 36 in., 42 in. and 48 in. widths.



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