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Imaging Software Makes Labs More Efficient

With the release of the imaging software ZEISS ZEN 2 core, users in laboratories are now even more efficient.

LISTED UNDER: 3-D Imaging | Image Processing | Imaging Tools and Development

System Measures Respiratory Signals in Research Applications

Hans Rudolph’s SmartLab Instrumentation System with Insight Software is a flexible system for measurement and analysis of respiratory signals in research applications.

LISTED UNDER: Computer Hardware And Software

Instrument Can Perform Conventional, Fast and Ultra-fast GC

Ellutia’s 500 Series Gas Chromatograph possesses the ability to perform conventional and fast gas chromatography with an air-blown oven, and ultra-fast chromatography with directly heated columns.

LISTED UNDER: Gas Chromatography

Compliant Software Boosts Operability of Light Scattering Instrument

Wyatt Technology has developed 21CFR11-compliant software for its DynaPro Plate Reader II.

LISTED UNDER: Computer Hardware And Software

Upstream Bioprocessing Platform Includes Equipment, Services

Sartorius Stedim Biotech has developed an innovative and fully integrated technology platform to meet the requirements of today’s upstream bioprocessing.

LISTED UNDER: Bioinformatics Software

Software Controls Cryogenic Cold Chain for Cellular Therapies

The my.Cryochain from Asymptote is a software platform developed specifically to give centralized control of the cryogenic cold chain for cellular therapies.

LISTED UNDER: Bioinformatics Software

Software Simplifies Lab Operations

The Atellica PM 1.0 Software from Siemens Healthineers offers a customizable process management solution.

LISTED UNDER: Data Management Software

Data Manager Facilitates Standardization of Hemostasis Testing

Instrumentation Laboratory’s HemoHub Intelligent Data Manager is a specialized information technology solution for the Hemostasis laboratory.

LISTED UNDER: Data Management Software

Software Upgrades Meet Demands in Translational Research

Definiens has released the Tissue Studio 4.3 and Developer XD 2.6 software packages.

LISTED UNDER: Bioinformatics Software

Handheld Raman, Lenses Combine for More Accurate Analysis

MarqMetrix has collaborated with Metrohm USA to develop a TouchRaman spectroscopy measurement device that makes Raman spectroscopy more accessible, accurate and reliable.

LISTED UNDER: Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy System Allows Complete Experiments in Minutes

Princeton Instruments’ FERGIE spectroscopy system is a fully integrated, aberration-free spectrograph with a built-in, low-noise, cooled detector.

LISTED UNDER: Spectroscopy

Expanded CDS Support for IC Systems

Metrohm has expanded its ion chromatography instruments and accessories supported by Waters’ Empower Chromatography Data Software (CDS).

LISTED UNDER: Chromatography Data Systems Software

Software Package Offers Powerful Tools for 3-D Visualization

The new ESPRIT QUBE software from Bruker provides extensive tools for 3-D visualization and post-processing of data sets.

LISTED UNDER: Bioinformatics Software

A/D Board Includes Large Channel-Count

Ultraview Corp.’s AD14-65Mx16AVE is a 14-bit 16-concurrent channel 65MSPS A/D board for demanding large-system OEM uses.

LISTED UNDER: Computer Boards and PC Cards

Motion Controller System Integrates Multiple Drive Technologies

The C-885 PIMotionMaster from Physik Intrumente (PI) allows users to integrate different drive technologies from traditional servo and stepper motors to highly specialized piezo-ceramic motors.

LISTED UNDER: Process Control Software


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