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Economical portable glove box system (Mini Glovebox) designed for isolating material to be processed; Optional Nitrogen purge control unit to automatically maintain the low RH% inside the chamber...

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Bag Mixer

Bag mixers mash up solid samples with a stomach like repetitive squeezing action. The sample is held in a sterile bag fitted with a filter to separate the juice or inoculum from the solid debris. Different types of filter bags allow for pouring or extraction with a pipette depending on the project. There are three different sizes of bag mixer - nominally 100ml, 400ml and 3500ml. Features include...

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Easy-to-use Evaporator Saves Bench Space

Genevac’s Rocket Synergy centrifugal evaporator can replace a laboratory’s multiple rotary evaporators.

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Benchtop Ductless Fume Hoods

Cleatech benchtop ductless fume hoods (also known as recirculating fume hoods) are portable ductless enclosures with folding sash that remove hazardous fumes, vapors and particles from the laboratory. The air is directed into the filter chamber which houses various filter media (HEPA / Carbon) dependent on the type of particulate / vapor is generated. Different filtration combinations such as one...

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Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet

Cleatech Vacuum Desiccator Cabinets are vacuum chambers made of 1” thick clear Acrylic designed for vacuum testing . Type-I includes Removable cover which makes it easy to insert and take out samples. This model supports vacuum level of 29.8″ Hg and more (> 756 millimeter of Mercury).it is included two vacuum valves mounted to top which allow purging of the desiccator with nitrogen before...

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Chillers Provide Constant Temperature Control

The CS Chillers from Huber combine cool and smart technology in one unit.

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Evaporators Concentrate Samples Safely, Quickly

Genevac Rocket Synergy, HT and EZ-2 series evaporators are designed to be very useful tools for lab scientists wishing to concentrate a sample safely and quickly.

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Fume Hood Constructed with Non-metallic Materials

UniFlow Polypro Trace Metal Fume Hoods from HEMCO are specifically designed for applications where for accurate testing results, it is imperative that the fume hood be constructed of non-metallic materials.


Valves Emit Low Vibration

Clippard’s EV line of electronic valves are now available in an 8 mm cartridge package.


Syringe Pump Delivers Smooth Low Flow, High Accuracy

The IMI Norgren Cadent 3 syringe pumpe from IMI Precision Engineering enables greater precision for complex imaging.


Adapters Upgrade Rapid, Efficient Mixer Mill

RETSCH’s mixer mill MM 400 is a true multi-purpose mill in the lab.

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New Chiller Model Equipped with USB, RS232 Interfaces

Huber Minichillers and Unichillers are now available with the new OLÉ controller.

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Redesigned Fume Hood Emphasizes High Performance, Safety

Labconco has redesigned its Protector ClassMate chemical fume hood.


Advancing Biopsy Storage with Automation-friendly Tubes

Micronic's 1.00ml and 3.50ml tubes with external thread are innovative and secure.

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Leakproof Vials Offer Enhanced Sample, User Safety

A new series of leakproof vials has been developed to provide sample protection and user safety by enabling correct cap application every time.


Containers Suitable for Molecular Biology, Genomic Applications

Thermo Scientific Sterilin containers are suitable for molecular biology, genomic and forensic applications.



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