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Bag Mixer

Bag mixers mash up solid samples with a stomach like repetitive squeezing action. The sample is held in a sterile bag fitted with a filter to separate the juice or inoculum from the solid debris. Different types of filter bags allow for pouring or extraction with a pipette depending on the project. There are three different sizes of bag mixer - nominally 100ml, 400ml and 3500ml. Features include...

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Bags Combine Strength and Flexibility

Sartorius’ Flexsafe 3-D Pre-Designed Solutions features a family of bags and polyethylene film provide assurance of supply and reliable performance.


Bags Extend CRM Shelf Life

An issue that has gone relatively unnoticed when achieving reliable measurements is that of transpiration. Transpiration is a systematic error that increases the concentration of a certified reference material as time passes. As a result of the detailed research, Inorganic Ventures has developed Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) bags for product shipping and storage.


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