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O2/CO Analyzer

Map-Pak Combi measures the Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide content in gas flushed packages. It can be used for a range of modified atmosphere applications, especially in the packaging of food and pharmaceutical products. This lightweight portable analyzer has a range of features, making it easier to use in quality control functions. Sample measurements and results are achieved within 10 seconds and the...

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Flow Cytometer Gets Expanded Detection Boundaries

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ flow cytometer offers excitation sources across the visible spectrum in a standard configuration.


Analyzer Measures Transmission, Haze

The Novo-Haze TX offers fast and accurate measurement of the optical quality of plastic films, and other transparent materials.

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Flow Cytometry System Boasts Additional Detection Channels

Cytek Biosciences’ Aurora advanced flow cytometry system offers more colors, greater flexibility and higher sensitivity.


First-ever Cannabis Analyzer for Potency

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments’ HPLC Cannabis Analyzer for Potency is the first-ever instrument designed specifically for quantitative determination of cannabinoid content.

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Moisture Analyzer Features Easy Testing Recall Feature

Adam Equipment’s PMB 163 moisture analyzer offers a capacity of 160 g and readability of 0.01%/0.001 g.

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OES Analyzer Performs in Only Seconds

The SPECTROPORT portable Arc/Spark Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) metals analyzer delivers advanced OES technology in a unit that is as easy to use.

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Pharmaceutical Analyzer Speeds Analysis, Formulation

The RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser from Renishaw is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system.

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Intelligent Gloss Measurement with Smart Communication

The smart functions and intuitive menu operation of the micro-gloss, with this new color display make gloss measurement an easy task.

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HPLC BioEthanol Analyzer Offers 24/7 QC Testing

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments’ BioEthanol Analyzer is an advanced tool for real-time monitoring of the fermentation process in bioethanol production.

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Moisture/Solids Analyzer Tackles Both Wet, Dry Samples

CEM Corp.’s SMART 6 Moisture/Solids Analyzer features two major innovations compared to previous systems.

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Multichannel pH/ conductivity/electrochemistry meters

This multi channel multi-parameter electrochemistry meter simultaneously measures conductivity / salinity / pH / and temperature. GLP procedures are built in. Multi point calibrations for pH, Ions and conductivity. The display can automatically sequence through the selected parameters showing each in turn.  Available complete with electrodes, supplies, and instructions. Various kits available...

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ED-XRF Handles Samples of Various Sizes

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments’ SPECTRO MIDEX small-spot energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzers are designed for faster and more accurate elemental analysis of precious metals.

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Pump Meets Chromatography Needs

JM Science's Intelligent Pump UI-12 meets users' liquid chromatography needs.

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Coatings Conveyor Ground Test is Easy to Use

Gardco's low cost, easy to use ground check is battery operated.

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