Avantor Korea Laboratory, GwangGyo, Suwon, South Korea

Size: Approximately 185 sm consisting of the laboratory with analysis, buffer preparation and purification rooms; office space; and conference space.

Project Team: Avantor utilized its own project team of experts to create a facility ideal for customer collaboration and training—key elements of the lab’s innovation model. Avantor’s internal team was responsible for laboratory layout, workflow design, equipment selection and placement.

Description: The Avantor Korea Laboratory is designed to help biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical customers improve the efficiency of their purification processes, with an initial focus on optimizing high-performance resins, buffers and other materials used in their production systems.

This specialized lab features state-of-the-art life sciences research tools, expert scientists, application specialists and resources and accommodations to provide on-site training for topics such as biopharmaceutical drug development, process validation and regulatory compliance.

The lab was created to enable more collaboration with customers in Korea’s fast-growing life sciences industry. The goal is to help optimize process efficiency and yields, solve drug development bottlenecks and create integrated solutions to address customer business objectives.

Process development and optimization is one area in which the Avantor Korea Laboratory researchers will work closely with customers. Avantor researchers will collaborate on ways to use the company’s process chromatography media, buffers and salts to define the best conditions for the highest protein purity and protein yield.

The Avantor Korea Laboratory also provides process optimization expertise through its Field Application Services (FAS) programs. FAS programs cover R&D/Pre-Clinical stage process development as well as Phase I/II/III/Marketed stage processes. These expert, step-by-step services are designed to help improve protein yield and target protein purity, reduce process time and/or steps, and potentially reduce the time from research and development to commercialization of target products.

Completion Date: Spring 2017

Contact: JinYoung Lee, +82-10-9086-3665,