A Photo: Universite de Montrealcomplex plastic surgery procedure has reconstructed a man’s face without major scarring.

Using a sculpted bone and blood vessels from the patient’s hip – and operating through the man’s mouth – the crushed cheekbone and eyesocket were rebuilt at the Universite de Montreal on Oct. 22.

The right half of the man’s face had been permanently damaged five years ago during a beating outside a Montreal bar. The 24-year-old was living with constant pain and infections, leading to a barrage of drugs to treat both, surgeon Daniel Borsuk told The Montreal Gazette.

Previous surgery had not worked to make him look like he did before his beating.

In the eight-hour operation on the man, Borsuk sculpted a vascularized part of the hip bone, and molded it to a precise shape using virtual surgery and 3-D models while it was still connected to the blood flow, according to the school.

The shaped bone was then implanted into the front of the skull through the mouth, they said.

“The operation, during which the latest technologies were applied to reconstructive plastic surgery, sends a real message of hope to anyone who feels they must simply live with this type of disfigurement and who often feels so self-conscious that they isolate themselves,” said Borsuk in a school statement.

Because there were no incisions on the front of the face, there is no scarring, they added. The patient is recovering well.

Borsuk was the lone Canadian doctor on a much-publicized 2012 facial transplant for a man who had shot himself in the face. That 37-year-old received a whole new face from a 21-year-old donor.