December 2013 Issue of Laboratory Design Newsletter
December 2013 Issue of Laboratory Design Newsletter CoverThis month's issue of Laboratory Design Newsletter features a cover story on high-performance teaming. Other features include an in-depth look at chilled beam installation, maximizing efficiency by design, sustainable renovation, sustainable vacuum technologies, applying BAS to help users conserve energy, net-zero energy labs and more.

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Cover Story:
High-performance teaming facilitates construction and on-time delivery for complex lab project

Feature Stories:
Chilled beams for lab applications
Maximizing efficiency by design
Sustainable renovation in energy-intensive lab while improving EH&S: Otto Maass Chemistry Building, McGill Univ.
The sustainability opportunities of innovative lab vacuum technology
Applying BAS to help users conserve energy
Labs/research campuses: Net-zero energy, closed-loop design and regenerative design
The Celgene Project: Making the impossible, possible
Lab fume hoods for high heat load: A special challenge needs a special design
Framework for functional design: Labs that work for their uses
Engaging lab users through best practices, green chemistry principles to achieve sustainability
Powered plenum bypass: Reduce lab exhaust fan energy, maintain safety
Ventilated caging: Strategies for reducing high HVAC costs
Sustainable characteristic of a pharmaceutical lab in Mozambique
A review of recent changes in current lab ACH rate standards, guidelines
Development of an energy-based BIM program at Penn State Univ.
Daylight harvesting for research labs
Tuned mass dampers: A smart component in sustainable lab design