Contributor Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

Laboratory Equipment is a printed and digital magazine and website that has served the laboratory instrumentation marketplace for more than 50 years. Every print issue, Laboratory Equipment publishes articles under the topics found in the “Featured Articles” section of the Content Calendar. Additionally, we welcome articles on new trends that fit in our general sections—Instrumentation & Equipment, Consumables & Supplies, Separations and Spectroscopy and Software and Hardware.

Articles must be objective and cannot promote a company or its products/services. Contributions from technical specialists in the vendor community are welcome, but must adhere to guidelines for non-commercial writing. Content must be unbiased—inclusion of product names and/or endorsement of a product cannot be included.

Feature Articles

  • Contributed feature articles should be between 1,300 and 1,500 words
  • ​Must include headline, one-sentence deck, author name, author title, author company and company’s city and state
  • Article should include subheads throughout. Do not use an introduction or conclusion subhead
  • Author bios, company information is not needed at the end of the article unless otherwise specified by the editor
  • Please remove all registered marks and trademark
  • Due to space, references cannot be included in print (can be included on the website if need be)
  • Should come with at least two high-resolution (300 DPI) photos to illustrate the text—attached separately
  • Photos can be submitted in any standard photo format, including .psd and .ai
  • If you are submitting charts for an app note, they must be submitted in .ai or very high-res TIFF
  • Due to space, we cannot guarantee placement of more than two photos/charts
  • A one sentence caption should be included with every photo
  • Deadlines are typically the first week of the month prior to print publication. Contact the editor beforehand with the article proposal to see if there is room

Product Releases

Laboratory Equipment publishes about 50 new products per print issue. Press releases on new or significantly improved laboratory products are accepted year-round and run on a continual basis. 

In the press release:

  • Include company name, web address and numeric phone number (123-456-7890)
  • Do not use trademarks or registration marks.
  • Include a high-res (300 DPI) photo of the product, no logos allowed
  • Attach product photo separately. Images embedded in Word documents are not suitable for print

Feel free to contact the editor via email or phone:

Michelle Taylor, Editor-in-Chief