Topac, Inc.

Topac, Inc.

Mailing Address:
231 CJC Highway
Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025
United States
About the Company
Topac Inc. We are instrumentation engineers offering a range of products and services for laboratories, production facilities, quality control and environmental safety. Our expertise and experience includes; modified atmosphere packaging of food and pharmaceutical products; breathable air safety; electro-chemical instrumentation; biological sample preparation and analysis. Our products include gas monitors, electrochemistry data loggers, non-glass pH probes, a wide range of oxygen monitors, a wide range of electrophoresis units as well as supplies and general instrumentions. We service what we sell and provide calibration services for our oxygen and CO2 monitors

Company Products

Nitrogen Generator


The generators deliver a continuous stream of pure nitrogen gas (>99.995%) with a low...

O2/CO Analyzer


Map-Pak Combi measures the Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide content in gas flushed packages. It can be...

Bag Mixer


Bag mixers mash up solid samples with a stomach like repetitive squeezing action. The sample is...

Company Product Announcements


Transmitter Provides Continuous Monitoring

The IPRB3 air cooled refractive index transmitter covers the refractive index range from 1.32000 to...