PIKE Technologies

PIKE Technologies

6125 Cottonwood Dr.
Madison, Wisconsin 53719
Phone: 608-274-2721
About the Company

PIKE Technologies was established in 1989, specializing in the development and manufacture of accessories and optical systems that enhance the performance of commercial spectrometers. PIKE concentrates on making the life of laboratory personnel easier.

Our products are designed and manufactured to work with FT-IR and molecular spectrometers and are based upon the principles of spectroscopic measurement via:

• Attenuated total reflectance (ATR)

• Diffuse reflectance

• Specular reflectance

• Transmission, including sample cells and IR windows

• Remote sensing

• High-throughput automation

• Integrating spheres

• Polarization control

• IR microscopy

• Microsampling

• Long-path gas cells

PIKE products are designed for molecular spectrometers in the petrochemical, food, forensic, biochemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, agricultural and material science industries. In addition, PIKE Technologies specializes in custom design of products for specific applications.