Kin-Tek Laboratories, Inc.

Kin-Tek Laboratories, Inc.

504 Laurel St.
La Marque, Texas 77568
Phone: 409-938-3627
About the Company

KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc. has manufactured calibration gas systems for over 30 years. We serve a broad range of industrial, institutional and governmental clients, providing specialized equipment and services to assure accurate chemical analysis. We specialize in trace
concentration (ppm, ppb, and ppt) gas mixtures.

KIN-TEK systems are based on "The Permeation Tube Method". Trace Source™ permeation tubes are sealed capsules containing a small quantity of the component compound in contact with a stable, permeable membrane. Permeation through the membrane gives a small, very stable
flow of component compound vapor. Mixing this permeate flow with a carefully controlled flow of a dilution gas (e.g. nitrogen) creates a trace concentration mixture. The permeate flow is measured gravimetrically through weight loss from the tube.

KIN-TEK offers permeation tubes for about 500 chemicals.
Concentrations from low parts-per-trillion to over 1000
parts-per-million can be generated.

KIN-TEK also offers a complete range of Gas Standards Generator instruments for using Trace Source™ disposable and refillable permeation tubes to create precision gas mixtues.

KIN-TEK also provides technical services for permeation tube recertification, annual instrument recertification, periodic on-site calibration, training, and installation, and calibration consultation to help you not only with your application but also in maintaining compliance with your internal standards.