ADC BioScientific, Ltd.

ADC BioScientific, Ltd.

Global House
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1992 464527
About the Company

ADC Bioscientific Ltd are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of instrumentation for the measurement of plant physiology and soil respiration.

Instruments supplied include portable photosynthesis measurement systems, chlorophyll fluorometers, chlorophyll content meters, portable leaf area meters, long term soil respiration systems and survey chambers for looking at spatial variability of soil respiration,

Models supplied include iFL integrated fluorometer, LCpro-SD advanced portable photosynthesis system, LCi compact portable photosynthesis system, AM350 portable leaf area meter, OS5p+ advanced chlorophyll fluorometer, OS1p modulated fluorometer, OS30p hand held plant stress meter, CCM300 chlorophyll content meter for small and difficult to measure samples, CCM200+ chlorophyll content meter for broad leaves, ACE soil respiration system for long term monitoring of CO2 flux, SRS2000 advanced soil respiration system and SRS1000 compact soil respiration system.

Few companies in this field can match our 45 years of experience in supplying class leading instrumentation to the world's most eminent scientists. Product development is closely tied to customer feedback.

Our users are supported by a network of over 40, world-wide, customer support centres.

We look forward to welcoming you as a prospect, serving you as a customer and valuing you as a user.