Activar Construction Products Group/LabAire Systems

Activar Construction Products Group/LabAire Systems

4450 W 78th St Cir.
Bloomington, Minnesota 55435
Phone: 952-838-1909, 800-554-6077
About the Company

LabAire is an Activar Company that manufactures custom polyproylene casework and fume hoods.

LabAire headquarters occupies a 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Bloomington, Minnesota, housing all company activities including sales, marketing, customer service, engineering and design, and quality control. Bringing over 40 years of laboratory experience with plastic material welding, fabricating, product design, and engineering to the table, LabAire is able to provide customized solutions that are SEFA certified for laboratory use.

The DynamicFLOâ„¢ Fume Hood Series is constructed of stress-relieved polypropylene for durability and resistance to highly corrosive materials. Incorporating a patent-pending baffle design which enhances airflow performance within the hood and maximizes containment, these units meet and exceed ASHRAE standards for performance. Select from a wide variety of options including fixtures for air, gas, vacuum and water, sensors and alarms, automated wash down systems and sinks.

Heavy-duty polypropylene casework and cabinets are custom-designed to fit the facility and can be outfitted with features including sinks, drawers and fixtures located precisely where needed.

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