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Thu, 05/05/2016 - 14:15 | by Labcanco

Creating a Culture of Safety in the Life Science Laboratory Join us for a free, educational seminar, where creating a culture of safety is explored from two angles. Sean Kaufman discusses the human aspect of culture. He presents case studies of the CDC Laboratory Anthrax Incident and Workforce Preparedness Response to Ebola in the U.S. and West Africa, where unintentional negative outcomes resulted due to organizational culture. Brian Garrett discusses the infrastructure aspect of culture. He presents new technology in biological safety cabinets that challenges old thinking and has the potential to reset the bar of expectations for safety in the laboratory. Now Available On-Demand!

Thu, 05/05/2016 - 14:15 | by Labconco

Spending a Fortune With Ducted Fume Hoods? Safe Alternatives to the Traditional Ducted Fume Hood Ductless and Filtered fume hoods can provide an energy efficient, less costly and eco-friendly alternative to traditional ducted fume hoods. Traditional ducted fume hoods are one of the largest energy users in a laboratory, requiring many costly mechanical systems to operate properly. Join us for a free, educational webinar where you will learn: How to significantly lower energy costs Advantages and disadvantages of going ductless The selection criteria for choosing the right ductless or filtered hood for your application Now Available On-Demand.

Our panel of analytical measurement experts addresses the challenges posed to biofuel developers by widely varying feedstocks, regulations, processing requirements, and testing methodologies.


This webcast examines storage challenges associated with next-generation sequencing and strategies to manage the exponential growth in data volumes, as well as the successful implementation of a scalable storage solution in a clinical research environment.

Genevac announces a new free-to-register webinar to give scientists insight into new technologies for large sample volume evaporation applications.

This webcast addresses directions for next-generation sequencing, solutions available to provide the scalable HPC infrastructure demanded by the research, and successful implementation of next-generation sequencing in a clinical and translational research environment.

From drug discovery through approval and monitoring life cycles, implementing a knowledge management solution can add value to your enterprise. View this webcast to learn the value of simplification, standardization and integration in implementing a successful knowledge management platform and achieving your business goals.

How are leading Pharma researchers using HTS to identify kinase inhibitors? Protein kinases play crucial roles in biological processes and aberrant kinase activity in human disease including cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Are trial-and-error practices slowing down your chromatographic methods development processes? Through this webcast, you can gain insight into the trials and tribulations of chromatographic method development and validation for drug discovery and development applications.

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