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Reed Sensors Draw Zero Voltage, Current

Mon, 12/03/2012 - 4:24pm



Standex-Meder Electronics' line of liquid level reed sensors are suited for use in laboratory fluid systems, automotive fluid sensing, aerospace and marine fuel level sensors, as well as a myriad of industrial uses, electrical equipment and home appliances. The reed sensors draw zero voltage and current, using no power until they are energized. With the ability to sit for years without drawing any power, reed sensors are being designed into hundreds of applications where power is scarce. They are suited for the many battery-driven applications coming on the market. The all-inclusive electronic liquid level reed sensor contains the sensing element (reed switch), float and magnet all as one component. The key component is the hermetically sealed reed switch, which is impervious to outside environments. The switches are then further sealed in rugged plastic with epoxy seals. Stainless steel packaging is also an option. The versatile and rugged reed switch can operate in hot and cold liquid systems with operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 200 C, and is suited for use in wet, moist and dirty backgrounds. The reed switches can be supplied in a variety of switching configurations. Most common is the singular normally open reed switch, but normally closed, latching, single pole double throw and multiple single pole configurations are available. Standex-Meder Electronics, 508-295-0771




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