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Explosion-Proof LED Light Suited for Hazardous Areas

Mon, 11/05/2012 - 1:33pm


LarsonLarson Electronics’ EPL-21-IRLED low voltage design is suitable for use in hazardous areas with an area classification from UL Class I and II, Division 1 and 2, and can be operated in wet environments as it is water-tight. The illumination from this infrared LED produces a flood beam that is approximately 160 x 125 ft. It is housed in portable, durable, explosion-proof packaging. The light is available in two different frequencies—850 nm for use with general night vision devices and security cameras or 940 nm, for use with military night vision equipment. For low voltage operation, the light has an in-line step down transformer to convert 110 to 277 VAC to 12 volts. This infrared LED provides high intensity illumination in a portable package. The light allows end users to provide intense illumination to work space areas with a broad spectrum LED in a 40° flood pattern. This rugged portable light is invisible to the naked eye and will withstand high vibration areas with its explosion-proof construction. Night vision goggles or infrared-dependent devices are needed to view this light. From a durability standpoint, the Magnalight portable infrared LED light is constructed with a shell that is copper-free aluminum with a powder-coated finish. The lens is a thermal shock- and impact-resistant tempered glass and the LED lamp assembly is filament-free, offering resistance to damage from excessive shock and vibration. This resistance to damage provides for uninterruptable operation for many hours without costly downtime from lamp replacement. The other added benefit to the infrared LED designs is the feature known as “heat management.” Heat is the single largest factor in premature LED failure and color shifting. These LED units contain advanced drivers that use pulse width modulation to control heat buildup, which lengthens the life of the LED light significantly, as compared with LED lighting using voltage regulators. Essentially, these infrared LED lights can produce more light with less heat, providing prolonged life.


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