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November 24, 2014 8:47 am | MadgeTech, Inc. | Products

This compact, portable, easy to use device is able to measure and record up to 16,350 humidity and temperature measurements per channel. The RHTemp1000IS is FM approved as Intrinsically Safe for hazardous environments. This certification makes the device well suited for EtO Sterilization, environmental studies, and numerous other hostile environment applications. It also features a battery life indicator available in the software allowing users to easily identify low voltage and change batteries before use.

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Gas Analyzer Connects to Any TGA

November 7, 2014 2:56 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Extrel’s MAX300-EGA delivers precision, stability, speed and flexibility for the analysis of off-gas from a thermal analyzer (TGA) or other continuous flow system. It combines the company’s 19-mm quadrupole with a sample interface that connects to any TGA or reaction vessel for the rapid sampling of off-gas.


Systems Ideal for Droplet-based Nanoparticle Synthesis

November 7, 2014 11:01 am | Product Releases | Comments

Dolomite Microfluidics has developed a range of Micro Droplet Systems for automatic, seamless production of monodispersed droplets. Built around the company’s pulseless pressure pumps, connectors and chips, the Micro Droplet Systems benefit a range of applications, including compartmentalized chemistry, high-throughput experiments, polymeric microspheres and the production of emulsions.

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System Simplifies Fluorescence Microscopy

November 7, 2014 10:11 am | Product Releases | Comments

Bio-Rad Laboratories’ ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imager can deliver the power of microscopy in a system that is as easy to use as a tablet. The system includes three fluorescent channels and brightfield to simplify fluorescence imaging for cell culture applications.

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Analyzer Characterizes Particles of All Sizes, Shapes

November 7, 2014 10:07 am | FRITSCH GmbH | Product Releases | Comments

FRITSCH’s ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is the ideal instrument for analysis of particle shape and size of dry, free-flowing powders and bulk solids in a measuring range from 20 µm to 20 mm. Particle shape and particle size, damaged particles, contaminates, agglomerates or oversized/undersized particles are identified accurately and fast, and can be viewed as single images.

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Software Simplifies Particle Size Analyzer

November 7, 2014 10:00 am | Horiba Instruments, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

HORIBA Instruments’ LA-960 measures the particle size of suspensions, emulsions, powders, pastes, creams and gels between 10 nm and 5 mm. The complex science of particle size analysis is simplified with refined software and powerful sample handling systems.

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Gas Cells Ensure Optimal Reflectivity, Energy Throughput

November 6, 2014 12:10 pm | PIKE Technologies | Product Releases | Comments

PIKE Technologies’ high performance long-path IR gas cells are designed for the analysis of air contaminants, pure gases and gas mixtures. The fixed path cells range from 2.4 to 20 m, and the variable model can be adjusted from 1 to 16 m to cover concentration ranges from ppb to the ppm levels.


Gas Bubblers Visually Confirm Inert Atmosphere

November 6, 2014 11:44 am | Product Releases | Comments

Asynt’s range of Gas Bubblers enables chemists to visibly confirm that their reaction system is being flushed with an inert gas, such as nitrogen. These bubbles provide a one-way valve through which nitrogen, evolved gases or solvent vapors from the inlet will bubble through the fluid before being vented to the atmosphere.



November 4, 2014 3:26 pm | Comeau Technique, Ltd. | Products

General laboratory products including flowmeters and peristaltic pumps.

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Octane Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Series for the TEM

October 21, 2014 11:05 am | EDAX, Inc. | Products

EDAX’s Octane SDD Series for the TEM are the world's first SDDs for the TEM that are fully integrated. Data acquisition and signal processing electronics are fully integrated into the detector. The integrated detector presents an elegant design that improves performance, facilitates installation and offers easy remote access via Ethernet from virtually any computer.

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TEAM™ Neptune Analysis System (EDS-WDS)

October 21, 2014 10:56 am | EDAX, Inc. | Products

TEAM™ Neptune offers the seamless combination of the analysis features of EDS and the complementary enhanced qualitative and quantitative analysis capacity of WDS in a single easy to use interface for advanced materials characterization results.

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TEAM™ Trident Analysis System (EDS-EBSD-WDS)

October 21, 2014 10:48 am | EDAX, Inc. | Products

TEAM™ Trident combines the latest advances in EDS, EBSD and WDS in a single analytical tool. With the Smart Features included in the easy to use TEAM™ analysis software, each technique can be optimized and used independently or they can be combined to provide seamless integration, which results in comprehensive data collection, which can then be shared between the different techniques.

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TEAM™ Pegasus Analysis System (EDS-EBSD)

October 21, 2014 10:43 am | EDAX, Inc. | Products

To completely understand a material, whether it be naturally occurring or man-made, the scientist needs to determine the relationships between its physical properties, morphology, chemistry and crystallography. TEAM™ Pegasus enables the simultaneous collection of EDS (chemistry) and EBSD (crystallography) data, allowing direct correlation between the elemental content and microstructural aspects of the material being studied.

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DigiView EBSD Camera

October 21, 2014 10:40 am | EDAX, Inc. | Products

EDAX's DigiView is a versatile high resolution digital camera for capturing high quality EBSD patterns with a maximum acquisition speed of 200 indexing points per second with 99% indexing reliability. The CCD sensor has a high Quantum Efficiency (QE) and the camera is designed for very low noise imaging, and when combined with an optimized phosphor screen, results in a higher sensitivity for EBSD applications.

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Transition Element X-ray Spectrometer (TEXS) - High Precision (HP)

October 21, 2014 10:38 am | EDAX, Inc. | Products

The transition X-ray spectrometer (TEXS) is a WDS spectrometer, which features X-ray optics designed for parallel beam operation. The TEXS is optimized to cover low energy and transition element energies from 150 eV up to 10 keV.

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