When To Use Radiation-Resistant Lenses

Tue, 01/15/2013 - 8:10am
Resolve Optics Ltd

Resolve Optics Ltd has produced an informative technical note that addresses the question “Does My Application Require Radiation-Resistant Lenses?”

Tip:  If your lenses become gray or brown your application may require radiation-resistant lenses.

If you’ re using nuclear power, nuclear reprocessing, space, medical and other scientific applications optical glass may be exposed to high energy radiation like gamma, electron, proton and neutron radiation. With the accumulation of higher doses this radiation reduces the transmittance of optical glass (turning brown or gray) especially near the UV-visible edge of the spectrum.

Fortunately optical glasses can be stabilized against transmittance loss caused by ionizing radiation by adding Cerium (Ce) to the composition. The extent of stabilization differs from glass type to glass type.
Resolve Optics has also developed a wide range of custom designed non-browning lenses and radiation-resistant endoscopes which enable areas with very high radiation to be viewed.


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