A Look Back: Early Pittcon Coverage

Fri, 02/08/2013 - 8:38am
Michelle Longo, Managing Editor


While Pittcon is celebrating its 64th birthday and a return to its roots in the Northeast, Laboratory Equipment is celebrating its 50th birthday with a look back at previous coverage.

Laboratory Equipment magazine was first published in May 1964 as a large tabloid publication. Since then, the magazine has evolved—just as laboratory equipment has—to meet the demands of a market and take advantage of a changing technological landscape. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is a commitment to showcasing new products and technologies, especially from one of the most important trade shows in the industry.

In March 1968, Laboratory Equipment magazine began dedicating one issue a year to new products specifically being introduced or shown at the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy. Just as they are now, company name and booth number were included with all products. In place of the present-day web address, a Reader Service Card was included. Readers would circle the appropriate product number and send it back to the magazine for further information.

Some of the products featured in the March 1968 inaugural Pittcon Issue (pictured to the right) were: a portable pH meter from Corning Glass Works, a wide-chart recorder from Honeywell Inc., and a thin-layer chromatography aerosol spray from Allied Chemical Corp. Other familiar names with products and advertisements in that issue include Cole-Parmer, Coulter (now Beckman Coulter), Fluid Metering, HEMCO, Hewlett-Packard (now Agilent), Mettler (now Mettler Toledo), OHAUS, PolyScience, Thermo Electric (now Thermo Fisher Scientific) and Labconco- whose back-cover ad is pictured to the right. Additionally, Laboratory Equipment’s Aisle-by-Aisle guide began in February 1980, and still serves as a great guideline for Pittcon attendees.

One of the key components of Laboratory Equipment's 50th anniversary program is the “Look Through the Decades” series, which will premiere in June in print and online. Over the course of six months, we will take a historical look back at the news and technology that elevated research and the scientists who drove innovation during the decade. The decade line-up will roll out as follows: June, 1960s; July, 1970s; August, 1980s; September, 1990s; October, 2000s; and November, the future of laboratory equipment.

In addition, Laboratory Equipment will celebrate its milestone during the launch of its first live event—The Lab Trends Conference—June 19 to 20 in Atlantic City, N.J. ( The emphasis of the conference will be on data. Trend information for future instrumentation, equipment and funding will be based on study results, survey data, statistics, expert interviews and editorial analysis.  




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