Lab-on-Capillary Systems Provide Versatile Setups for Nanolitre-Scale Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 11:28am
May 2009

This application note describes how the ActiPix UV area detector can be used in a number of lab-on-capillary setups that that combine various reaction, separation and detection steps. By assembling integrated systems from readily available components nanoscale reactions can be carried out that minimise the consumption of expensive materials.

While lab-on-a-chip devices have received much media attention, lab-on-capillary setups have largely gone unnoticed. This is particularly surprising as unlike the channels in chips, capillaries have well defined cross sections over the long distances required to provide high resolution separations of complex mixtures.

Furthermore, lab-on-a-chip devices can be difficult to manufacture and are generally not amenable to direct detection of products and reactants using UV.

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