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New Broccoli Lowers Cholesterol

April 10, 2015 7:00 am | by Institute of Food Research | News | Comments

Including a new broccoli variety in the diet reduces blood LDL-cholesterol levels by around 6 percent, according to the results of human trials. The broccoli variety was bred to contain two to three times more of a naturally occurring compound glucoraphanin.  


Why Don't the French Have Bad Hearts?

April 10, 2015 7:00 am | by ACS | News | Comments

Figuring out why the French have low cardiovascular disease rates despite a diet high in saturated fats has spurred research and many theories to account for this phenomenon known as the “French paradox.” Most explanations focus on wine and lifestyle, but a key role could belong to another French staple: cheese.


Making the World a Better Place Through Science

April 10, 2015 7:00 am | by Michelle Taylor, Editor-in-Chief | Articles | Comments

The goal of scientists is to partake in a breakthrough discovery leading to a solution that makes the world a better place. That’s why scientists go to school for so long, it’s why they spend years writing grants and gaining funding, it’s why they spend countless hours in a laboratory checking and rechecking results. The role of manufacturers in this scenario is to provide scientists with the advanced tools they need.


Power Utility is Too Big to Be Safe

April 9, 2015 3:00 pm | by Associated Press, Ellen Knickmeyer | News | Comments

Repeated natural-gas accidents— including a 2010 pipeline explosion that killed eight people— suggest that California's largest power utility could be too big to operate safely, the state's top utility regulator says.


Lawmakers: What to Do with Nuclear Fuel?

April 9, 2015 3:00 pm | by Associated Press, Ken Ritter | News | Comments

Several members of Congress are heading to the mothballed site of a proposed radioactive waste dump in the Nevada desert amid new talk about a decades-old problem— where to dispose of spent nuclear fuel stored at commercial reactors around the U.S.


Plays Reveal Shakespeare’s Psychological Signature, Verify Contested Work

April 9, 2015 3:00 pm | by Association for Psychological Science | News | Comments

Applying psychological theory and text-analyzing software, researchers have discovered a unique psychological profile that characterizes Shakespeare’s established works, and this profile strongly identifies Shakespeare as an author of the long-contested play “Double Falsehood.”


Personal Stem Cells Improve Gene Therapy

April 9, 2015 3:00 pm | by EPFL | News | Comments

Scientists have demonstrated a new method that can be used to greatly improve the safety and efficiency of gene therapy using the patient’s own stem cells.


Science Connect: The Evolving Lab Environment

April 9, 2015 3:00 pm | by Lindsay Hock, Editor, R&D Magazine | Videos | Comments

Science is evolving: It’s becoming more translational and multidisciplinary in nature. Just as science evolves, so do lab environments.


Materials Convert Heat to Electricity

April 9, 2015 3:00 pm | by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory | News | Comments

NASA has licensed patents on high-temperature thermoelectric materials that convert heat into electricity. For example, by using this technology, waste-heat from a car could potentially be fed back into the vehicle and used to generate electricity.


Height Linked to Heart Risk

April 9, 2015 3:00 pm | by Associated Press, Marilynn Marchione | News | Comments

Short people have more risk for heart disease, and now researchers may know why: genes that govern height also seem to affect cholesterol, especially in men. Shorter people are more prone to heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes than taller people are, but the reason has, until now, been unclear.


Printing Better Drugs for Better Results

April 9, 2015 3:00 pm | by Jessica Burdg, Contributing Writer | Articles | Comments

3-D printing is essentially layered manufacturing. What varies from project to project, of course, is exactly what is being layered and why. Of particular note, however, are the advancements professionals in the pharmaceutical and drug development industries continue to make using this technology that benefit researchers, consumers and patients.


System Enables High-res Imaging, Spectroscopy

April 9, 2015 12:00 pm | WITec GmbH | Product Releases | Comments

WITec’s fully automated, easy-to-use Raman imaging system, apyron, features enhanced spectral resolution in 3-D confocal Raman imaging, and extremely sensitive laser power determination with a mouse click.


MS Technologies Combine for Enhanced Imaging

April 9, 2015 12:00 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Waters has introduced a new full spectrum molecular imaging system for advanced molecular imaging of tissue samples.


Informatics Solution is All-in-one Platform

April 9, 2015 12:00 pm | Thermo Fisher Scientific | Product Releases | Comments

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s SampleManager is the latest version of the widely installed informatics solution.


Deadly Bird Flu Hits Ninth Minnesota Farm

April 9, 2015 7:00 am | by Associated Press, Steve Karnowski | News | Comments

A ninth Minnesota turkey farm has been hit by a form of bird flu that's deadly to poultry, this time in a large Jennie-O-Turkey Store operation that has 310,000 turkeys.



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