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Maslow's Pyramid Gets Parental Renovation

August 20, 2010 4:29 am | News | Comments

If you have ever felt that your children are your life's work, then you may in fact be recognizing a high-level psychological need.

Large, Persistent Plume Found in Gulf

August 20, 2010 4:25 am | News | Comments

Scientists have detected a plume of hydrocarbons that is at least 22 miles long and more than 3,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, a residue of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Paving Slabs Clean the Air

August 20, 2010 4:20 am | News | Comments

Innovative paving slabs that will help protect the environment are being introduced.


In Search of Climatic Haze

August 20, 2010 4:15 am | News | Comments

A team of scientists led an intensive month-long field study to research the effects of carbonaceous aerosols, often seen as haze, on climate.

Listening to Earth Breathe Through 500 Towers

August 20, 2010 4:13 am | News | Comments

It takes a global village to monitor and analyze trends in Earth's "breathing"— or the exchange of carbon dioxide, water vapor and energy between vegetation on the ground and the planet's atmosphere.

Ancient galaxy cluster is shockingly modern

August 19, 2010 2:51 pm | by Futurity | News | Comments

TEXAS A&M (US)-An international team of astronomers has discovered that a significant fraction of ancient galaxies is still actively forming stars. Scientists have spent the past four...

Antidepressant has ‘magic' properties

August 19, 2010 2:51 pm | by Futurity | News | Comments

YALE (US)-Researchers have discovered how a novel antidepressant can take effect in hours, rather than the weeks or months usually required for most drugs currently on the market. The...

Biofuel success hinges on diverse feedstock

August 19, 2010 2:51 pm | by Futurity | News | Comments

U. ILLINOIS (US)-A highly productive perennial grass that grows throughout Canada and the midwestern United States may offer the best bet to produce ethanol sustainably without taking up...


End-of-week mergers often get missed

August 19, 2010 8:51 am | by Futurity | News | Comments

PENN STATE (US)-Announcing a merger at the end of the week may not be the best idea, according to a new study that finds investor inattention usually results in lower trading reactions to...

Mice unwanted guests in prairie dog towns

August 19, 2010 6:51 am | by Futurity | News | Comments

STANFORD (US)-Plague-a form of virulent bacterial disease spread by fleas-has for decades wreaked havoc on prairie dogs, once abundant in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Plague...

Scientist of the Week: Teri W. Odom

August 19, 2010 4:42 am | by Michelle Longo | News | Comments

This week’s scientist is Teri W. Odom from Northwestern Univ. in Chicago. Odom and her team have been using Shrinky Dinks as the backbone of a new inexpensive way to create, test and mass-produce large-area patterns on the nanoscale.


JEOL’s 100% Accurate Mass Spectrometer

August 19, 2010 4:38 am | News | Comments

A new test, using JEOL’s AccuTOF-DART, for ovarian cancer was demonstrated to be 99% to 100% accurate in 100 patient samples examined in initial trials.

Interpreting the Language of Bees

August 19, 2010 4:35 am | News | Comments

Tricking honey bees into thinking they have traveled long distance to find food alters gene expression in their brains, researchers report this month.

The Moon is Just a Hop Away

August 19, 2010 4:28 am | News | Comments

Researchers have designed and built a prototype for a new type of robotic explorer that would hop over, rather than traverse, a planetary surface.

Wine Linked to Better Cognitive Function

August 19, 2010 4:23 am | News | Comments

A large study has reported that moderate wine consumption is independently associated with better performance on cognitive tests.


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